Rumor: Sony Ericsson Working on Android 3.0 Gaming Phone

Ryan Whitwam

For mobile gamers, the PSP Go was a bit of a disappointment. But if these new rumors are true, Sony fans may be getting a gaming gift of the smartphone variety . Sony Ericsson is said to be working on an Android 3.0 based smartphone with a slide-out game pad in place of a standard QWERTY keyboard. The device is being supported by Google, and the games will be made available through a special area of the Android Market. Other phones would likely not be able to access these high end games unless they met internal hardware and button specs.

The phone is reportedly going to have a screen in the 3.7-4.1 inch range with capacitive multitouch abilities. Internally, it is expected to run a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU. There will apparently be enough power to run PSP level games on the device. The Android 3.0 Gingerbread OS is still a mystery, as Google hasn't released details about the upcoming platform update. This mystery phone may launch with the Xperia branding, or it may have the PlayStation brand slapped all over it.

Android's gaming experience has, thus far, lagged the iPhone. A project like this could pique the interest of gamers. Rumored titles for the platform are Modern Warfare, God of War, and Little Big Planet. We're not sure about the idea of replacing a keyboard with a game pad, but those looking to game on the go could appreciate it. Would you use this device as your smartphone?

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