Rumor: Samsung to Debut Transparent Screen Laptop this Year

Pulkit Chandna

The transparent AMOLED laptop that Samsung had on display at CES is soon going to hit the market with the promise of bragging rights galore. According to PlusPlasticElectronics, a commercial variant of the concept showcased at CES will be available within the next year.

“We have a lab in Korea that is currently working on developing a laptop with partially-transparent screen,” Samsung Electronics America's Reid Sullivan told PlusPlasticElectronics. “Soon, I imagine that all Samsung's audio-visual products will feature this technology. We want to be the first in this market.”

It appears as though transparent AMOLED displays have infatuated Samsung. It also plans to launch a see-through MP3 player christened IceTouch, which according to the report will be available in the early half of 2010. The IceTouch is likely to cost around  $330. The real challenge for the consumer will be to think of a practical use for such gadgets once they cease to be a novelty.

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