Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S3 Rumored to be Beyond RAZR-thin at Just 7mm

Pulkit Chandna

Last month, there were rumors that Samsung was going to unveil the successor to the hugely successful Galaxy S2 smartphone at this month’s Mobile World Congress event. But last week the South Korean electronics giant nipped all such rumors in the bud when it confirmed to our sister site TechRadar that the Galaxy S3 “will be unveiled at a separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year” and not during MWC 2012 in Barcelona. The company may have put that particular rumor to rest with its timely statement, but it’s very difficult, if not entirely impossible, to keep the rumor mill from churning out fresh rumors for too long.

The latest Galaxy S3 rumor comes from Korea’s Etnews, which is reporting that the phone will arrive in May. Till now, most rumors surrounding the S3 have centered around the innards and the display, with a quad-core processor being common to almost all of them. Well, this latest rumor not only features a quad-core processor and an HD Super AMOLED display, but much more. According to the report, the S3 will be one of the thinnest smartphones around with a thickness of only 7mm (Motorola Razr is 7.1mm thick), thanks reportedly to Samsung’s newfound ability  to make printed circuit board (PCB), connector parts and chips that are 10-20 percent thinner than before. The report further claims that the phone will feature 4G LTE support, HDMI and a 3D camera.

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