Rumor: RIM Prepping 7-inch Blackberry Tablet for 2011

Pulkit Chandna

With both iOS and Android rapidly gaining ground in the smartphone market, Research in Motion's second  position seems to be under considerable threat . But many feel it has more on its mind than just smartphones. The besieged smartphone vendor is now being seen as a potential victim of the tablet bug. Reports about the rumored Blackberry tablet have become quite frequent in recent weeks.

The latest rumor has RIM prepping a 7-inch touchscreen tablet for a 2011 launch. "Research In Motion (RIMM, Market Perform) is trying to pull forward the launch of the 7-inch touchscreen tablet from early next year to year end...with a marginal point of differentiation being the front- and back-facing cameras for videoconferencing," Ashok Kumar, an analyst and managing director at Rodman & Renshaw, said in a research note last week.

According to Cnet , Marvell's 1GHz Armada 610 processor could power the rumored tablet. Although RIM refused to comment on Kumar's claim, tech site Betanews got “a source close to RIM” to confirm the analyst's statements. Its source went a step further and revealed that the tablet would also feature Flash support.

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