Rumor: RIM PlayBook to Launch April 10

Ryan Whitwam

According to sources that spoke to BGR, RIM will be launching the BlackBerry PlayBook on April 10th in retail locations. The software is reportedly the last holdup, with a gold master build expected to be completed by the end of March. This is the first solid date we have heard for this device, albeit from an unofficial source.

The PlayBook will be a 7-inch device running a 1GHz dual core OMAP SoC and RIM's new QNX-based operating system. The version we are likely to see first will be a Wi-Fi-only model, with LTE and HSPA+ versions coming later in 2011. The PlayBook is also expected to have strong integration with BlackBerry devices.

It is unclear what sort of marketing push RIM will be making for their tablet. With the announcement and imminent release of the iPad 2, things might have gotten much more difficult for RIM. Would you consider buying a PlayBook?

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