Rumor: Quad-Core Samsung Galaxy S III to Hit Store Shelves in April

Pulkit Chandna

Millions of smartphone users around the globe swear by Samsung’s Galaxy line, with the original Galaxy S and it’s dual-core successor Galaxy S II boasting combined lifetime sales of over 30 million units. Considering the fact that the S II made its international debut around nine months back and its U.S. debut as recently as late September, there does not seem to be a very strong case for a successor at this time. However, Samsung is widely expected to unveil the next phone in its flagship smartphone family in the near future, something that makes sense given the launch history of the Galaxy series.

To further build on those expectations, we now have a fresh rumor that hints at a Mobile World Congress (MWC) unveiling for the S III (or whatever it will be called) . This rumor comes to us all the way from Russia. Eldar Murtazin, a Russian tech blogger known for being well connected, has tweeted about the S III having HD resolution, 12MP camera, software tweaks and Android 4.0. He also claimed that the device has a 1.5-1.6GHz quad-core processor. If he is to be believed -- a difficult thing considering his track record, then the Galaxy S III will be unveiled next month at MWC in Barcelona, with the device making its commercial debut in April.

As far as the specs are concerned, there is nothing that we haven’t heard before. As for the MWC launch, most people would probably say the same if they had to make an educated guess. But since nothing has been confirmed as yet, we would advise you to take it with a grain of salt.

Image Credit: Concept-Phone

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