Rumor: Original Crysis Losing PC Exclusivity, Headed To Xbox 360

Maximum PC Staff

Gamers who choose to play Crysis 2 on the console were rewarded with an achievement for little more than loading the disk into the tray, reaffirming what Crytek has been touting all along, yes it can run Crysis . But did this tongue-in-cheek pat on the back have a hidden significance we missed at the time? Well according to the folks over at CVG , the South Korea Games Rating Board has granted approval for the release of the original Crysis for Xbox 360. If true, it would mark the loss of another former high profile PC exclusive.

It makes sense that Crytek would make an effort to port the original game over to the console now that the franchise is officially multi-platform, but we have to wonder about the timing. Wouldn’t this have made more sense a year ago before the sequel launched? Even if it is true however, the current generation of console hardware will have a hard time doing much better than your average dual core PC with a GeForce 8800.

Does Crytek’s pursuit of the console audience continue to worry you about the future of the franchise? Are the pirates to blame? Let us know what you think.

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