Rumor: Nvidia Planning "Big Price Drops" for GTX 460 and 470 Cards

Paul Lilly

For those of you who recently purchased a GeForce GTX 470 or 460 videocard, stop reading now, this might sting a little. According to HardOCP founder Kyle Bennett, Nvidia is planning some major price cuts, and soon.

"Word on the street is that Nvidia is changing UMAP pricing on the GTX 460 1GB and GTX 470 for the better, from the consumers' standpoint anyway," Bennett says. "Expect to see some fairly big price drops in the next couple of days that will bring both the cards down to previous unheard of prices. The price drops on the GTX 470 will likely be a very well received enthusiast 'sweetspot' card."

If true, these aren't random price cuts. AMD is expected to release its Radeon HD 6870 and 6850 videocards tomorrow, and a well timed price cut could steal some of the thunder away from AMD's launch.

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