Rumor: Nvidia Drops XFX from Team Green

Paul Lilly

We found it a little suspicious yesterday when we heard Nvidia was selling its own branded GeForce GTX 450 and 460 videocards in Best Buy, putting the GPU maker in direct competition with its add-in board (AIB) partners. Some of you brought up that 3dfx took a similar approach, and we all know what happened to them.

In today's episode of As the GPU World Turns, XFX has apparently been shown the door.

"I was told today that XFX is no longer an approved Nvidia partner," HardOCP founder Kyle Bennett writes .

He didn't go into any further detail, only bringing up that this has been a rumored development since January of this year. XFX, you might recall, jumped ship as an exclusive Nvidia partner in late 2008 and has been selling both ATI (AMD) and Nvidia cards ever since, at least until Fermi. Like BFG, XFX was left out of the Fermi party for reasons unknown.

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