Rumor: Nvidia and XFX to Part Ways

Paul Lilly

According to Kyle Bennett, founder of HardOCP, rumors had been running rampant at CES that Nvidia will officially announce the termination of its relationship with XFX's European operations as an Nvidia Approved Partner. This could be a huge development with Fermi just around the corner.

XFX is considered one of the 'big three' GPU partners who offer a true lifetime warranty on their GPUs (BFG and EVGA being the other two), and is the only one out of the three that allows end-users to transfer the warranty to a second owner.

Just over one year ago, XFX, formerly an exclusive Nvidia partner, announced it would also start building graphics cards for AMD. But despite the three-way relationship, there were never any indications that Nvidia was considering dropping XFX as an Approved Partner, at least until now.

This could be a major blow to XFX if Fermi lives up to the hype and wrestles the performance crown away from AMD. It also could rank as just one of many side stories in the GPU world.

"The videocard manufacturer landscape will be very different in the USA this year. Expect to see two or three major brands fall by the wayside when it comes to Nvidia and AMD GPUs," Bennett added.

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