Rumor: Nokia Working With AT&T On 4G LTE Lumia 800

Ryan Whitwam

Nokia’s recently announced Lumia 800 seems like a competent smartphone, the only problem is that it’s not available in the US. The Verge is reporting that there’s a perfectly good explanation for that. Nokia is working closely with AT&T to bring the Lumia 800 to the US with LTE 4G data on the carrier’s brand new network.

The current Lumia runs Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, but the AT&T version might wait on the next iteration, called Tango which should include LTE support. The alternative is to add in the code to support the faster data standard on Mango. If true, this would be the first LTE Windows Phone device. AT&T’s data network has just gotten off the ground and there are only two phones that support it.

As this is still in the rumor stage, we can’t know if Verizon’s LTE network is also a target. The cheaper Lumia 710 has been rumored to hit T-Mobile in an HSPA+ flavor. While the devices are better than Nokia’s recent efforts, this uncertainty isn’t helping them.

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