Rumor: Nokia in Talks with Microsoft About Windows Phone 7

Ryan Whitwam

Take this with a grain of salt, folks. But Unwired View is reporting that Nokia may be in talks with Microsoft about making Windows Phone 7 devices. The news comes via mobile reporter Eldar Murtazin, who has a track record of being right about these things. Te be clear, the rumored talks are not regarding an exchange of technology, but rather Nokia hardware with Microsoft Software.

Nokia has been pulling back on Symbian in recent months, and their efforts with Meego still seem a long way from producing a viable product. Perhaps a sweet deal from Microsoft could coax the Finnish company out of their software safe-zone. There is no guarantee the Nokia-Intel Meego project would go away if this deal happened. In fact, WP7 devices could just be more of a stopgap measure.

We've always liked Nokia's hardware, but the software is usually lacking. Would you be interested in a Nokia-built Windows Phone 7 device?

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