Rumor: Nintendo's DS Sequel will be an iPhone, Touch Competitor

Maximum PC Staff

Was Nintendo president Satoru Iwata blowing smoke when he denied rumors that Nintendo was working on a DS equipped with a motion sensor ? Could be, if current rumors about a new DS prove accurate. These rumors tell of prototypes with a tilt sensor , most likely an accelerometer, but one reportedly more capable than the one in the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Iwata may be publicly dismissive of current gaming platforms and technology, but lets face it, the DS is  long in the tooth, and is in desperate need of an update. The present split-screen design, while innovative in its time, will need more than a face-lift if it’s going to be competitive.

Speculation has it that Nintendo is looking long and hard at the Tegra 250 for its DS and DSi replacement, with eye toward competing with the iPhone and Touch, rather than Sony’s PSP. In which case an accelerometer is a given.

There’s no timeframe for a product launch, but it wouldn’t be out of the question for more substantial news to come from March’s Game Developers Conference or E3 in June.

Image Credit: Apple, Nintendo

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