Rumor: Nintendo Discontinues the DS Lite

Paul Lilly

According to a leaked internal GameStop memo, Nintendo has decided to discontinue its popular DS Lite console, which also puts an end to Game Boy Advance support for the game maker's handheld systems. The memo instructs GameStop stores to remove DS Lite displays once their inventory runs out, and gives them a heads up that they won't be receiving any more stock of the now defunct console.

"New DS Lite systems (020288/020283/020289) have been discontinued and stores will no longer be replenished on this product," the memo reads . "Once your store sells through its current stock of these units, please remove any corresponding DS Lite (Crimson, Black and Metallic Rose) display boxes from the sales floor and discard."

And thus ends a five year run for the DS Lite, which has since been succeeded by the DSi, DSi XL and most recently the 3DS. It was the last of Nintendo's handheld consoles to sport a GBA slot, though don't be surprised if Nintendo ends up rehashing your favorite titles as virtual downloads.

The DS Lite is the second handheld console to go off life support in the month of April. Earlier this week, Sony confirmed to a Japanese website that it was discontinuing its PSP Go system, a portable gaming console that, unlike the DS Lite, never sold very well.

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