Rumor Mill Turns to the iPod Touch

Paul Lilly

Now that the initial frenzy over Apple's iPhone 4 has started to subside, tech chatter has turned to the next-gen iPod Touch. As the rumor goes, the updated iPod will come with a front-facing 5MP camera that's able to shoot HD video at 720p. But is the rumor accurate?

"John Lewis has just spilled the new specs at its Xmas in July event in central London," writes . "This is all speculation but John Lewis is one of Britain's biggest retailers so its sources are likely to be pretty savvy."

If they're as savvy as all the ones who predicted LeBron James would go to Miami last night, then you can take the retailer's predictions to the bank. In addition to an HD camera, John Lewis says the upcoming iPod will come with YouTube uploading, an accelerometer and gyroscope, and FaceTime with calls over Wi-Fi, which suggests a front-facing camera too.

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