Rumor: Microsoft Warns Xbox 360 250GB in Short Supply

Paul Lilly

Maybe this will turn out to be much ado about nothing, but according to Fudzilla , Microsoft is all finished supplying retailers with Xbox 360 250GB consoles for the year. That means Walmart, Best Buy, Gamestop, and every other retailer will have to make do with whatever stock is remaining.

This normally wouldn't be cause for concern, but with the recent release of Microsoft's Kinect motion control camera, the Redmond outfit is noting increased sales of its high capacity console.

"The situation isn't ideal, but we still have significant inventory of the Xbox 360 4GB model, and in fact, we have a good number of the 250GB slim upgrade hard drives if buyers want them. It isn't idea and it costs a little more, but if you had to have a 250GB model for Christmas, we could sell you one; it just would cost a little more and come in two parts," an un-named retailer told Fudzilla.

The looming shortage purportedly only affects U.S. retailers, Fudzilla says.

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