Rumor: Microsoft Prepping a Surface Mini Tablet

Paul Lilly

A smaller size Surface device may be in Microsoft's future

The neat thing about Microsoft's non-RT Surface gadget is that it's not solely a tablet, but also a full-fledged notebook PC, provided you connect it to a keyboard. Would the dual-form factor approach work on a smaller size display? Perhaps we'll get an answer to that question, as Microsoft is rumored to be working on a "Surface Mini" to compete against the iPad mini and other 7-inch class tablets.

According to Neowin , the shrunken Surface will be a 7-inch or 8-inch class device with "proper" pen support, meaning this should include Wacom digitizer support as well. The ability to take notes will be an important feature that Microsoft intends to tout on the Surface Mini.

Microsoft recently upgraded its Surface family with the Surface 2 launch. The Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 both feature an improved kickstand with "dual angle" support, faster hardware, and longer battery life. It's not yet clear if a kickstand is in the cards for a Surface Mini model, or what kind of hardware it will have inside.

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