Rumor: 'Metro' Branding to be Replaced with 'Windows 8'

Pulkit Chandna

Microsoft recently dumped the name Metro, insisting that it was merely a code name. While the company says that it’s now ready to move to a more “commercial” name for Windows 8’s typography-based design language, it has yet to announce one. But just because nothing has been announced does not necessarily mean that no decision has been made yet.

According to a ZDNet report citing unnamed sources, Microsoft has decided to replace the word “Metro” with “Windows 8.” If this rumored change in nomenclature is indeed real, Metro style apps will be known as Windows 8 apps. Similarly, the Metro user interface will become the Windows 8 user interface. But what about Windows Phone? After all, it too uses the same tile-based interface as Windows 8. Well, the site’s sources expect the above naming convention to apply to Windows phone as well.

Judging by the ThinkPad Tablet 2 promo page on Lenovo’s site , which uses the phrase “Windows 8 apps” to refer to something distinct from traditional desktop apps, this report does seem to be fairly accurate.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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