Rumor: LG Optimus Pad to Cost at Least $700

Paul Lilly

We always envisioned Google's Android platform sparking a price war among tablet makers, but that may be wishful thinking. Motorola's Xoom tablet, the first in the world to sport the potentially awesome Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) platform, will reportedly sell for $800 and perhaps as high as $1,200 (we doubt it). Either way, it's significantly more than Apple's entry-level iPad, which isn't a fair comparison based on features, but could play a role in which platform consumers buy into. To top it off, now we're hearing that LG's upcoming Optimus Pad will run at least $700.

That's according to news and rumor site Fudzilla , which claims to have gotten the info from a "nice talkative chap from LG" presumably at the Mobile World Congress. The rep indicated LG plans to price the 32GB tablet between $700 and $800.

We don't know if that's the trend Honeycomb tablet makers will all end up following, but if so, it's going to be difficult for Android to overtake the tablet market. The hardware is better than what you'll find on an iPad, however the upcoming iPad 2 will at least partially address this. Plus, Honeycomb tablets will be going up against RIM's PlayBook (QNX) and HP's TouchPad (webOS).

How much would you be willing to pay for a Honeycomb tablet?

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