Rumor: Ivy Bridge On April 8

Brad Chacos

Jonesing for some performance improved, energy-efficient Ivy Bridge action? You’re going to be waiting for a bit. Just how long is up in the air. Intel’s been mum on release date details for the upcoming line of CPUs, but for the most part, sources have been saying that we’ll see the 22nm chips in May. DigiTimes claims that date may a bit off, however; it points to April 8th as the launch date , and even names the names of models we can expect to see on that date.

Citing “PC makers in Taiwan,” the publication says that the Core i7-3770 (with S,T, and K variants) and the Core i5-3570, Core i5-3550 and Core i5-3450 should all be available at launch. All sport four cores and are reportedly priced between $184 and $332. Laptop fans can look forward to the unveiling of the Core i7-3920QM ($1,096), Core i7-3820QM ($568) and Core i7-3720QM ($378) mobile processors at the same time, according to the report. More chips – both desktop and mobile, and including Ultrabook-specific models – are expected to still launch in May.

So, can the report be trusted? Only time will tell. But the prospect of overclocked Core i7 Ivy Bridge chips as early as the beginning of Spring has our mouths watering.

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