Rumor: Is Google Drive Still Alive?

Maximum PC Staff

Rumors of a Google branded cloud storage solution are almost as old as the company itself, but yet, it never materialized. The search giant offers a ton of solutions to help migrate your computing needs online, but when it comes to managing files they have been pretty slow to respond. In Steven Levy’s in-depth look at the inner workings of Google titled “In The Plex”, he claims Googlers viewed files as an outdated concept, and uses that logic to explain why the Gdrive never came to be. Years of silence, combined with recent confirmation in print would normally have lead us to write of the service for good, but according to TechCrunch , we might in-fact finally see a Gdrive after all.

The evidence of the service’s existence was captured by social media consultant name Johannes Wignad, showing what appears to be a modified version of Google Docs. The redesign appears to be better suited to managing files, as opposed to just static documents, and could well be an internal change being tested by the Google staff prior to roll out. TechCrunch also claims to have inside information suggesting that it will be more than just Windows Live Skydrive style web storage, and will even include a Dropbox style sync client for the desktops and mobile devices.

Do you have a hole in your life that the Gdrive could fill? Or is Dropbox taking care of your needs?

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