Rumor: Intel to Reveal 8-Core Nehalem-Based Xeon Next Month

Maximum PC Staff

Supposedly Intel’s executives will discuss an eight-core, 16-thread Xeon processor based off of 45-nanometer technology at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco next month.

Speculation around the chip suggests that it will be Intel’s Nehalem EP processor, a chip designed for dual-socket workstations and servers. The EP, which is scheduled for a release in early 2009, will use Intel’s Quick Path Interconnect, removing all need for a front-side bus and letting more data flow between the processor and the system. It will also feature an integrated memory controller.

Intel has come out about the rumor, stating that although they are presenting 16 papers at the Solid-State Circuits Conference, there is nothing more to share regarding a new Xeon processor. Should the chip be revealed, it will be Intel’s first eight-core processor.

Image Credit: Intel

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