Rumor: Intel to Launch Calpella Notebook Platform in Late 2009


While the world still waits for notebooks built around Intel's Centrino 2 platform to hit the market in full force, the chipmaker is already looking forward to its next big release. If the latest rumors turn out to be true, Intel needn't look very far, either, as the company is said to be on schedule to launch it's next-generation notebook platform, Calpella, by the the third quarter of 2009.

Calpella parts are expected to be second generation Nehalem chips, and like first generation Nehalem processors, Calpella will deviate from current northbridge and southbridge chipset arrangements, instead integrating the memory controller onto the CPU itself. Citing un-named sources, DigiTimes reports a single integrated chipset codenamed Ibex Peak-M will handle the remaining duties.

Ibex Peak-M will also reportedly support Intel's next-generation Clarskfield and Auburndale CPUs, the latter of which will come with an integrated graphics core setting the stage for a showdown with AMD's upcoming Fusion .

Let the mobile chips wars begin.

Image Credit: Intel

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