Rumor: Intel to Delay Ivy Bridge

Paul Lilly

Here's something that will strike some people as a bit odd. Coming out of the rumor mill recently is chatter that Intel is considering some cost cutting measures, including putting the brakes on plans to upgrade to a 22nm manufacturing process at its Fab 24 facility, and delaying the launch of its Ivy Bridge platform. What's going on here?

News and rumor site DigiTimes cites "sources from PC players" as saying Intel may delay Ivy Bridge by a quarter to save a few bucks. Times are tough and we can certainly understand cost cutting measures, we're just surprised to see Intel tightening its belt. And then a funny thing happened. As soon as we put on our tinfoil hat, we began thinking that if this rumor is true, maybe Intel knows something about AMD's upcoming Bulldozer platform that we don't. If Bulldozer doesn't end up being a Core crusher or Sandy Bridge smasher, then what's the rush in building Ivy Bridge?

In any event, it appears Ivy Bridge is being pushed back to March 2012 instead of showing up before the end of the year. According to DigiTimes, notebooks built around the new platform will show up in April 2012.

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