Rumor: Hulu Considering Selling Itself

Ryan Whitwam

A number of tweets from CNBC and Wall Street Journal reporters indicate that the popular TV streaming site Hulu may be on the verge of selling itself to an unknown party. Apparently, a large company approached Hulu with a buyout offer, and Hulu is currently considering its options. But who could it be?

According to CNBC’s Julia Boorstin, it was not Google that offered to snap Hulu up, but that’s all we have to go on. Whoever it is must have a desire to gamble. Hulu does not have long term rights to stream its content. This is the main factor that stopped a possible IPO last year.

Hulu is currently partially owned by Disney, News Corp, and NBC, along with Providence Equity. For the time being, they have an interest in keeping the service alive. If they were no longer so intimately associated with Hulu, would it still be able to get those content deals?

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