Rumor: HTC Toying with Future in Tablets, Netbooks

Maximum PC Staff

If it makes sense for laptop makers to think small, it also makes sense for smartphone makers to think big. Such appears the case with High Tech Computer (HTC), the world’s largest manufacturer of Android and Windows Mobile smartphones. Rumor has it HTC may be branching up into tablets and netbooks .

It appears that HTC has been busy working on technologies for applications used in smartphones, and piecing together an app store--not to use now, but sometime in the future. Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, confirmed HTC’s activities in comments made at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Chou added there’s nothing ready yet, and HTC isn’t certain what it will do with the apps or the app store, if it does anything at all.

Chou also said that HTC has been actively designing tablets and netbooks, but he cautions this doesn’t mean HTC intends to go to market. Said Chou: “We will design, we will study, we will research, but that doesn't mean we will do it.” Chou noted if HTC does get into the tablet/netbook markets it will do so with a partner.

Image Credit: HTC

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