Rumor: HP Granted One Year Extension to Offer XP Instead of Windows 7

Paul Lilly

Initial reactions to Windows 7 has been, for the most part, pretty positive, enough so that some have admitted to using the beta as their primary OS. The general consensus is that Windows 7 is what Vista should have been all along, but that doesn't mean there won't still be demand for XP when the new OS ships.

Citing a "source within Hewlett Packard," AppleInsider says the OEM has been granted an extension to continue selling Windows XP on its business desktops, workstations, and notebooks instead of Windows 7 for another year. Microsoft appears to have been reluctant to grant the extension, reiterating that the nearly eight-year-old OS is on its last legs.

"It’s important to remind customers that Microsoft are still planning to retire XP Pro Mainstream support on April 14th 2009 and will only provide OS security updates beyond that date unless the customer has an Extended Hotfix Support contract. MS Extended Support for XP Pro ends on April 8th 2014," the source was quoted as saying.

As of right now, HP is the only one being reported to have brokered a deal, but it will interesting to see if other OEMs soon follow suit.

Image Credit: Gizmodo

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