Rumor: Hewlett-Packard Hurricane Tablet Coming in Q3 With WebOS

Justin Kerr

When TechCrunch revealed that HP was killing its Windows 7 Slate shortly after the acquisition of Palm, many came to the logical conclusion that it probably had something to do with WebOS. Officials from HP were pretty tight lipped on the matter considering Steve Ballmer showcased the HP Slate as a poster child for Windows 7 tablet computing, but fans of the device were forced to assume the worst.

The Windows 7 slate might never see the light of day, but if you believe the guys over at the Examiner the HP Hurricane featuring Palm's WebOS could be hitting stores by Q3. If this turns out to be true, it would be no small feat considering that the current x86 architecture of the Windows 7 slate would be incompatible with WebOS which requires an Arm based processor. The result would be a complete hardware redesign over what was shown a few months back.

At the end of the day whether the sources at the Examiner are legitimate or not it seems likely this is the direction HP will pursue in the coming months. Tablet critics seem to agree that mobile OS platforms scaled up stand a far better chance of winning over the masses then desktop OS's scaled down.

We'll have to wait and see what happens, but does anyone out there still think HP will launch a Windows 7 tablet?

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