Rumor: Google Negotiating a $1 Billion Buyout of WhatsApp

Maximum PC Staff

Instagram made a billion dollars, why not WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become the de facto standard when it comes to cross platform communications, and as bizarre as this might sound, mobile smartphone titan Google is rumored to be considering a $1 billion acquisition. According to DigitalTrends the deal was initiated four or five weeks ago, however they claim WhatsApp is “playing hardball” in an attempt to drive up the price.

On the surface of it an app that enables cross platform communications across all the world’s major smartphone platforms might sound like a questionable buy for Google, however the company already has an established and proven its business model. The modest, but annual $0.99 subscription fee seems to be reasonable enough to make users stick around, and it also provides a guaranteed revenue stream to potential buyers.

WhatsApp would also allow Android users to communicate with friends and family SMS free on competing platforms, freeing them up to choose Android worry free going forward. Sounds like money well spent to us.

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