Rumor: Google Games Coming Soon Powered By Zynga

Maximum PC Staff

Google isn't particularly well known for keeping secrets, but according to TechCrunch the search giant has quietly pumped anywhere from $100-$200 million into Facebook developer Zynga to help develop a new "Google Games" web portal. If the rumor proves true Zynga would most likely play a key role in running the service, and provide Google with critical social graph information that would no doubt be beneficial in the development of " Google Me ".  The micro transaction approach taken in most Zynga products presents a huge revenue opportunity for Google in the gaming space, and would give them another application for Google Checkout, a PayPal competitor that has never gained any kind of critical mass.

Neither Zynga or Google responded to a request for comment, but branching out in this direction only makes sense for a company that recorded over $350 million in revenue during the first 6 months of 2010 and forecasts sales of over $1 billion by 2011. Even if you aren't a fan of Farmville, it's hard to not be impressed with Zynga's performance. With more than $500 million in seed capital raised over the last 12 months alone, we wouldn't be surprised to see virtual farms start popping up not just at Google, but even Yahoo or Microsoft portals as well.

It would appear PC Gaming is alive and well, and flash won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Sorry Steve .

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