Rumor: Google Fiber May Be Expanding To Austin, Texas

Maximum PC Staff

The 13th most populated city in the United States is rumored to be getting the fastest Internet in North America.

Google has invited press and business leaders to a joint event in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, and all the rumors are pointing to a joint Google Fiber announcement. The service which made its debut in Kansas City to wide critical acclaim appears to be finally on the move once again, promising free Internet to casual users, and gigabit speeds for everyone else. The ability to download more in a data in a minute than the average user pulls down in a month is an awesome privilege, and it gives us hope that Google has aspirations of North American broadband domination beyond the borders of Missouri.

If Google continues forward the pricing model used in Kansas City, Austin users can expect three tiers of service to pick from. For a $300 activation fee users can receive 5Mbps down, and 1Mbps for absolutely free, guaranteed for 7 years. Free users even have the option of breaking up the activation fee over 12 months. For $70 a month users can step up to Gigabit speeds (up and down), and for $120 you can receive HDTV service in addition to the Gigabit connection. Both paid tiers have no data caps, no activation fee, and TV package even comes with a free Nexus 7.

We don’t have any hard data as to how successful Google Fiber has been in Kansas City so far, but let’s just say you would be crazy to stick with the other guys if you have the option to switch.

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