Rumor: Get Ready for a Second Generation Wii Console

Paul Lilly

Now that both Microsoft and Sony have added motion controls to each of their respective consoles, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Nintendo may have lost a bit of its competitive edge. The Wii is no longer the only console in town that lets you control the on-screen action by flailing around in your living room. And until the upcoming price cut takes effect, it no longer trumps all other modern consoles at the register. Could these be clues that at Wii 2 is on the horizon?

Gaming site Kotaku thinks so, which has rounded up the latest rumors from a variety of sources. Game Informer, for example, says that the successor to the Wii will be revealed at E3 2011 and launched next year. And according to IGN, Nintendo will officially announce the next-generation console (Wii 2? Super Wii?) this month.

"We've heard from sources that it'll be more powerful than an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3," Kotaku says. "We're also pretty sure of one other thing. We can expect Nintendo to surprise us with its follow-up to the wildly successful Wii. But even if we're pleasantly surprised, we have a few wants and demands."

The most obvious addition Kotaku (and everyone else) would like to see is HD support, especially with Netflix nestled into the Wii. There's an obvious benefit for games, but in addition to that, as Netflix's catalog of HD movies continues to grow, who wants to be saddled with 480p?

The Wii could also benefit from better online support with a real online ecosystem like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have, as well as built-in storage, which is no longer just a luxury in console gaming.

What would you like to see added to the Wii 2?

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