Rumor: Game Streaming Service Gaikai on the Block

Pulkit Chandna

The recent leak of an internal Microsoft document related to the Xbox 360’s successor has brought to light the software giant’s wariness of cloud gaming services like OnLive , which it identified as a “potential acquisition target” in the 2010 document. Of course, no such acquisition has taken place so far. But if Microsoft is still considering buying a cloud gaming company, another less expensive company may be up for sale.

According to Fortune’s Dan Primack, OnLive’s lesser-known rival Gaikai is on the block and the asking price is north of $500 million. His sources have told him that the company has already hired bankers to help sell itself. While this is still a rumor, the alleged asking price is considerably less than the billion-dollar figures usually tossed around when the subject of OnLive’s possible worth comes up for discussion.

Despite having been in OnLive’s shadow all these years, Gaikai has started to come into its own lately with a number of important partnerships, including deals with both Samsung and LG for delivering cloud-powered games to their smart TVs.

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