Rumor: Facebook Set To Announce Video Chat Capabilities Powered By Skype Next Week

Maximum PC Staff

The ink hasn’t even dried on Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, but the Redmond based software giant appears to be working diligently in the background to push the VOIP service to even more platforms. Facebook has scheduled an invitation only even for July 6th , and the rumor mill seems pretty certain Mark Zuckerberg will announce a browser based version of Skype, which integrates with your Facebook friends list.

Given how close Microsoft and Facebook have been in recent years, it wouldn’t surprise us one bit if this turned out to be true. Video chat would be a pretty natural extension of their constantly evolving communication and messaging strategy, and the Skype brand would lend an air of credibility to the announcement. Skype stands to benefit from the already established social graph for each user, and Facebook gains a stable and mature video codec to build upon.

We won’t know for sure until next week, but is video chatting a Facebook feature you can see yourself using? Let’s just hope they think to include a “I’m not wearing any pants button”, so we can head off any potentially awkward incoming call requests before they happen.

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