Rumor: Dell to Offer Air-Like "Adamo" Laptop

Maximum PC Staff

Thanks to some recent swirling rumors , there’s word on the street that Dell is planning to release an ultra-thin, ultra-portable notebook aimed at rivaling the MacBook Air.

According to the fashion blog (seriously) , “Rumor has it that Dell is coming out with a computer called Adamo that will rival the MacBook Air.” Their exact source still hasn’t been cited, but given that the computer has its own website, there’s reason to believe that it’ll be upon us soon.

Thanks to the lack of solid evidence, any speculation we can provide will be about as good as any ol’ fashion blog. Though, with any luck there won’t be much waiting until the announcement, so we can get our grubby hands on whatever Adamo turns out to be and let you know if it really is a MacBook Air rival.

Your move, Dell.

Image Credit: Dell

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