Rumor: Cloud Storage Coming to PlayStation 3

Paul Lilly

There's been some chatter that Sony plans to introduce cloud-based storage for its beloved PlayStation 3 console, and that chatter is starting to turn into a roar, Fudzilla claims . The news and rumor site says a number of sources have now confirmed that this "PS Cloud," a term Sony trademarked back in 2009, will ship as part of the upcoming 3.60 firmware update.

As the story goes, Sony will call the option "Save File Insured" and will offer it to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Other details are frustratingly non-existent, such as how much storage space subscribers will get and whether or not non-subscribers will have access (for a fee).

It's also been said that the next firmware will address the cracked code that's been floating around the Web, which allows gamers to play backed up (and pirated) copies of games.

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