Rumor: Channel Vendors Demand Card Makers Recall Faulty Nvidia Products


It's been a rocky summer for Nvidia, who earlier this month saw its shares tumble downward after announcing it was setting aside a one-time hit of $150 to $200 million to cover warranty and repair costs associated with an "abnormal failure rate" in its mobile graphics cards. Now it appears that tough times are still ahead for the graphics card maker.

Citing un-named sources, DigiTimes claims that the faulty mobile parts have led to some channel vendors demanding graphics card parnters to issue a recall for desktop-based videocards using the same GPU core. Nvidia has maintained that the problematic parts only affect a few specific notebook models and no desktop cards, but some have suggested it could include all G84 and G86 parts.

This isn't the first rumor Nividia's been entangled with in recent times, and as with all hearsay, take this one with a grain of salt.

Image Credit: Nvidia

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