Rumor: Cedar Trail CPUs to Cost Significantly Less Than Current Atom Chips

Pulkit Chandna

Intel’s next-generation Atom platform, codenamed “Cedar Trail” and built on a 32nm manufacturing process, will be significantly cheaper when compared to current Atom N4xx and N5xx series CPUs, according to prolific rumormonger Digitimes. The chip maker is expected to begin shipping the next-generation Atom chips during the second half of 2011.

Unnamed sources from netbook vendors have told Digitimes that Cedar Trail chips for netbooks will be 30-50% cheaper than current Atom chips, with their prices ranging between US$42-47. Further, such a pricing scheme is expected to contain the average selling price of Atom-based netbooks to the US$199-299 range.

“The Cedar Trail platform will be separated into two categories – Cedarview-M CPUs for netbooks and Cedarview-D CPUs for nettops, both featuring dual-core designs. Intel will offer two CPUs under Cedarview-M, the Atom N2600, priced at US$42 and N2800 at US$47,” reads the Digitimes article.

According to Intel , its next-generation processor platform for netbooks and entry-level desktops will boast a number of significant improvements, including Blu-ray 2.0 support, HDMI output, DisplayPort, Intel Wireless Music, Intel Wireless Display, PC Synch, Fast Boot, and a dedicated media engine for full 1080p playback.

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