Rumor: Call of Duty Spin-Off to Be Set in The Future, Feature Space Marines

Nathan Grayson

Are you getting sick and tired of the same old Call of Duty formula year-in and year-out? Are you ready to visit new places and violently murder new people? Well then, try this one on for size: space marines. You know, like normal marines, but in the future and, well, space. Still not ringing a bell? Think Master Chief from Halo. He's pretty much the king (or outer-space equivalent) of space marines. However, if Activision has its way, that may not be the case for too much longer.

According to sources that spoke with Gamasutra , the Sledgehammer-developed Call of Duty spin-off will exit the bounds of the past or present and – with them – the realm of pseudo-possibility. (Granted, one could argue that Modern Warfare 2's plot already put the whole “possibility” thing out to pasture – and probably set it on fire for good measure.) They went on to say that the game will feature, “for lack of a better term, space marines.”

Granted, the “for lack of a better term” bit could mean that we're not necessarily dealing with Master Chief's long lost cousins here, but only time will tell. While we're waiting, though, what's your take? Does Call of Duty need to start pitching curveballs? And if so, is the far-flung future its best bet? Or do you think it should stick with something a little closer to home?

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