Rumor: Asus to Unveil Swivel-Screen Ultrabook/Tablet Hybrid at Computex 2012

Pulkit Chandna

Even though ultrabooks have managed very little in the two months that they have been around, chipmaker Intel and its PC vendor chums remain hopeful. And to be fair they are right in doing so as there is still a long way to go before we can start judging the category. While most people feel  that the category could do with better specs and pricing, there are those who believe ultrabooks with touchscreens are all that is needed for a turnaround.

According to a Digitimes report , Asus is prepping a swivel-screen ultrabook for Computex 2012. Its sources within the industry have revealed to the Taiwanese publication that this ultrabook/tablet hybrid will run Windows 8.This means that the touchscreen device won’t be available anytime before the release of Windows 8 in late 2012. This whole concept of swivel-screen ultrabooks is said to be one of many design ideas being promoted by Intel.

These same sources also seem to have high expectations from the second wave of ultrabooks, which will be powered by Intel’s upcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge chips.

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