Rumor: Apple to Have an Affair with AMD, Dump Intel


Apple news site AppleInsider claims to have it on good authority that Apple is in advanced discussions with AMD to use the company's chips, a move that would end a four year relationship with Intel.

Citing "people familiar with the matter," AppleInsider says several AMD representatives were spotted on Apple's Commuter Coach buses, as well as making their way in and out of meetings with executives from Apple. Since those meetings took place, Apple has reportedly begun working with AMD chips in its labs for inclusion in some of the company's upcoming products.

There are a couple of reasons why Apple might be considering such a switch. One is that Intel is said to be having trouble keeping up with demand for its new family of Core mobile processors, which has largely been the result of big orders from Acer. And secondly, Intel's new chip designs could hamper Apple's plans to continue its partnership with Nvidia to deliver a standardized chipset for use with Intel CPUs on all of its consumer computer products, AppleInsider says.

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