Rumor: AMD Working with TSMC for Bulldozer Manufacturing

Maximum PC Staff

When AMD spun off its manufacturing arm as GlobalFoundries back in 2009, it was assumed their controlling interest would drive the bulk of its investments in the same direction. AMD has been forced to use TSMC, a rival to GlobalFoundries in recent years to keep pace in the graphics card wars, however new rumors are suggesting Bulldozer might be forced to shift over as well .

The move would be a strong indication of issues with GlobalFoundries 32 nm HKMG node, and doesn’t bode well for GlobalFoundries as an independent chip maker if the two companies can’t maintain a strong partnership. It’s possible AMD is working with GlobalFoundries to gear up for Bulldozer’s APU successor code named “Piledriver”, but since current APU’s already come from TSMC it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

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