Rumor: AMD Readies Dual-GPU ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 for an August Release


The initial response to AMD’s ATI Radeon 4850 and 4870 GPUs has been very encouraging. In fact, AMD expects the success of the two mid-range cards to help it consolidate its market share. Now there are unconfirmed reports of the high-end ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 dual-GPU with 2 GB GDDR5 memory being released by the end of this month.

The powerful GPU is expected to be priced about $499. According to Digitimes, its sources expect AMD to begin shipping Radeon 4870 X2 (RV770XT) to PC makers for designing custom cards. ATI’s revival is wonderful for the consumers as Nvidia will be pushed to improve its products and offer them at cheaper rates.

Image Credit: MACNN

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