Rovio's Angry Birds Star Wars II Flings to Mobile September 19



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People still play this game (Angry Birds)?

I think the novelty has worn off... Everyone has a touch screen smartphone nowadays. IMO, people only played it because it was one of the first widely available apps that used touchscreen. Kind of like Minesweeper on Windows 3.11 - a novelty because it was the first game that was readily available for the OS, not because it was a fantastic game.



I guess I have to disagree. While I didn't love it the same way I loved the aforementioned Plants vs Zombies, I liked Angry Birds a good amount when it first came out. In fact, I played it through Chrome, using a mouse, so the touchscreen didn't factor into it. It was a well done casual game.

I even ended up buying the Star Wars Angry Birds game for my phone this past Christmas, and fire it up every so often. I think it's pretty well done too.

So while I don't think they're the best games out there, they continue to be well made and I can see why they are so insanely popular.



MOOOO! says the cow.



I'm as active a gamer as anyone. I'd list gaming as one of my top 3 recreational activities. But I just don't get the whole "Angry Birds" phenomena. I've tried the original and the sequel, but after about 10 minutes, it turned into a "Really? This is it?"

In the cute gaming department, I thought "Plants vs. Zombies" was a lot more entertaining and clever than "Angry Birds."



Yeah, I'm kind of wondering about this one too. Are people still playing these games?