Rovio Reports 140 Million Angry Birds Downloads, Credits iPhone

Paul Lilly

News flash: Angry Birds is a huge hit. Alright, so maybe that isn't much of a news flash, but if you're curious as to just how popular it has become to fling birds at green pigs, castles, and other objects, then check this out. According to Rovio, Angry Birds has notched over 140 million downloads, which is higher than the population of Japan. And according to Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka, a big reason for the game's success is the iPhone.

"Apple brought out the iPhone and it changed everything," Vesterbacka said at a conference in Beijing, according to Apple Insider . "Apple created the distribution for us that we didn't have before. All of a sudden, great games mattered. We are seeing smartphone growth explode, and we are riding the wave.

And what about Android? Vesterbacka noted that "fragmentation of the [Android] ecosystem" is an issue, adding that "the carriers [are] messing with the experience again. [Android] is open, but not really open, [it's] a very Google centric ecosystem."

The anti-Apple crowd may instinctively want to dismiss Vesterbacka's comments, but Google would be wise to take note. Vesterbacka points out that the popularity of Angry Birds wasn't simply an "overnight success," noting that the Finnish company had kicked out 51 games since its inception back in 2003.

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