Roundup: AMD Flaunts Next-Gen Trinity APU At CES

Brad Chacos

AMD didn’t stay silent while Intel and Qualcomm were talking up their new chips and business opportunities this week. In fact, AMD made waves of its own at CES with an impressive tech demo that showed off the capabilities of its next-gen Trinity APU chips, which are scheduled to launch later this year. The company also outlined some of its plans for the ultrathin notebook market.

We’d tell you about the tech demo, but the guys from HotHardware caught it on tape. Check out the video below, and make sure you watch it all the way to the end.

Computerworld caught up with some AMD execs at the show and quizzed them on the company’s plan for Trinity. AMD marketing manager Raymond Drumbeck told the publication that the company plans on pushing hard in the Ultrabook market – oops, “ultrathin;” Intel owns the rights to “Ultrabook” – and said the company can hit a starting price of $500 or less for Trinity-sporting notebooks. Both dual-core and quad-core mobile Trinity APUs are planned; Drumbeck claims the 17w chips will offer the same performance as current A-series Llano chips, but consume only half the energy. More powerful desktop variants of Trinity are also planned.

Meanwhile, the folks at TechPowerUp managed to snag a pic of the ultrathin, standard laptop, and desktop variants of the Trinity APU. They're lined up in that order in the image at the top of this post.

AMD’s analyst meeting is scheduled for February 2nd; expect to hear a lot more about Trinity and the rest of AMD’s plans for 2012 then.

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