Round Two For Ouya Console with Overhauled Hardware and Storage



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EZ Ridah

If this had a Tegra 4 in it and was able to stream Steam games like the shield I would buy it instantly. I really wish Nvidia made a console only shield for around $100. All I want is to play some simple PC games with a controller on my TVs in the living room and bedroom. Why can't anyone make that already? It's obviously possible. I guess there's that Roccat thing but it's like $250, so no...



I honestly haven't thought of that! Great idea. :O They should definitely partner up with Valve!



I sort of feel bad for Ouya. It was supposed to be an indie developers way of pushing themselves to the big screen. But at the same time...

I have a Tegra 3 tablet with an HDMI output and a dock with USB that I can plug in a 360 controller and play controller compatible games if I really wanted to play on the big screen.



"Though the original Ouya console was only $99 in comparison to the exorbitant pricing of next-gen darlings PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you essentially got what you paid for."

Say it with me 'Y-O-U I-N-V-E-S-T-E-D I-N A S-H-I-T'.

Shoot the horse already. Don't let it suffer


maverick knight

I never got to the point of this console. Mobile games are not something I want to play on the big screen. I know they have some good indie games and emulators but is something I could already play on a tablet. I may consider it just because its small enough to be portable when I have to work over night or I go for a few months TDY but if most of its content has to have an internet connection then is not good for me. I hope it find its market because I hate any gaming company go down.



I feel the same about game companies going down, but I don't believe this was meant for mobile games, it seems things just turned out that way. Some big name companies said they were going to produce some AAA titles for this thing, then we saw the official release and they all backed out. Now, the market is just left with cheesy mobile games anybody with an Android or Iphone could get anyways ...