Rotten Apple Store Employees Divulge Dirty Secrets

Paul Lilly

Apple employees reveal the dark side of retail.

It's said that one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch, but what about a bunch of rotten Apple Store employees? Do they spoil the Apple image that Steve Jobs created? We'll let you be the judge of that after reading a few confessions from people who claim to work at Apple Stores across the country and even overseas. Everything from stealing product to sexual harassment gets exposed.

The confessions were made to Gizmodo over the summer, and not just from a single source. Gizmodo received sordid tales from a number of locations across the nation, including California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, and Texas, as well as from Canada and the U.K.

Those who stepped forward told stories of trading computers for plastic surgery, destroying iPhone devices in epic fashion, and swiping merchandise from the backroom.

"We would 'field test' things in the back," one of the claimed Apple employees wrote. "Most people would throw phones on the ground, slide them across the floor, and once we tried to see who could get the biggest crack. We once tried to see could could do the most damage to an iPad. Several iPads were slammed down on the ground in the back between the stacks of inventory."

Others wrote in and told about corrupt management, including bosses who would buy drugs from employees, when they're not sexually harassing them. Customer privacy was also violated, according to the letters.

"Fact is, one could stroll into the back of any Apple Store and look up contact info for any customer worldwide, along with a list of products they own and serial numbers," one person said.

To be fair, these and/or similar incidents happen all over the place; they're by no means exlusive to Apple.

"But when emails arrived in droves repeating the same naughty phenomena, you have to wonder why a company whose rep is as sterling as Apple's seems to have such a pattern of internal havoc," Gizmodo says.

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