Roku Seeks Investors for 100-Channel Set-top Box

Ryan Whitwam

Netflix spinoff Roku has been doing quite well as of late. Roku has sold over 500,000 of their streaming boxes, which steam content from the likes of Netflix, Pandora,, and Revision3. With revenue doubling last year to $75 million, Roku is looking to expand , and may be planning an IPO.

If Roku is able to raise the expected $30 million, their next step could be to kill your cable. Roku is currently recruiting content providers to create channels. They hope to be able to offer 100 channels of on-demand programming this year. “We’re not far away from the time when you’ll be able to get the same kinds of channels that any cable operator can offer,” said Roku CEO Anthony Wood.

Would this sort of service get you to drop your cable?

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