Rogue Sysadmin to Pay San Francisco $1.5 Million



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Had a similar situation at work a few years back. Only the guy provided User ID's & passwords to management. Not sure if the situation was a employee termination, discharge or force out, perhaps even a wrongful discharge. But the manager that received & was responsible lost that email, what a mess. Just me but what is the lifespan of a person's memory or even knowing where a password was written down ?



On Windows, there can be as many Administrators as the orginazation feels necessary, but on linux there is only one root and no other user identical to root.  This means you must trust someone to keep this password.  There is no way to make sure the root user keeps a specific password (that you may have printed and locked in a safe for example).  Too much power!



The city is at least partially responsible for this.  They must have some really poor IT policies if only one guy has the passwords. What if there were no trust issues and he had been in an accident and died?  Then who would they sue?  What he did was wrong, but their policies allowed it to happen.



Sentences and fines should be based on the crime, NOT the person’s ability to serve the sentence or pay the fine.  In ALL cases, the fine should be greater than the criminal’s ability to comfortably pay it.  That’s how deterrents work.  If someone is 95 and diagnosed with 6 months to live because they have cancer and they go out and rob a bank, do you say, “Well, this guy only has 6 months to live, so we’ll sentence him to 3 months.”  Of course not – well. unless you’re Scotland and the criminal is a convicted Libyan terrorist.

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Keith E. Whisman

Especially when we have seen rich people fined far less but I don't know of anyone else that rich or poor that held a city hostage. He was fired or something like that wasn't he? And he refused to give up his passwords after getting canned?



Honestly, this is silly.  Do they think they'll ever manage to collect that sum from this guy?  I mean, he was a public employee, after all; I hightly doubt he has 1.5 large just laying around.

Four years in prison seems like enough of a punishment.



I'm no Terry Childs fan by any stretch, but a $1.5M appears to be ridiculous.